2020: uncertainty and new projects

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Muy buenas, my friends!

I really hope  you are feeling good, especially in times like these.

I'm sorry for taking so much time to say a word over here, I'm sure you will understand that it's been some crazy few months. Let me tell you a bit more:

The covid-19 pandemic is hitting strongly all across the globe, and Spain, as you probably know, is one of the most affected countries. Tourism, hospitality and other services have now had to radically stop their operations for the second time this year, in a country where tourism is one of strongest sources of economy.

I always try to be optimistic, and I actually loved the first lockdown. I always say that, if it weren't for all the people that were dying out there, I would remember those 3 months as one of the best periods of my lifetime. We were all together at home, safe, spending time as a family, raising baby Adrian full time in his first months -- as I couldn't have afforded otherwhise. So I just took it as an opportunity to study and spend some quality time with my family, and then the magic happened:

I got super creative and motivated, and Roberto (my husband) and I came up with the idea of creating a Youtube Channel called Biting Granada. Our idea was to help those people who miss travelling by bringing videos about the history and culture of the best areas, villages and neighborhoods of Granada to Youtube -- and hopefully, be successfull and have another source of income in the future, since there's no chance I can do my job now.

As the measures were softer, we could start recording our vids and surprisingly, we were loving it so much! I'm a bit slow at editing, as I'm a newbie and I live 24/7 with three crazy cubs that won't let me sit 5 minutes in a row, but we've recorded 5 videos since we began!

Then we were set free, all the measures were disolved -- except the obligation to wear masks -- I even got to catch the virus with very mild symptoms, and when Granada seemed to be making it... October began, and so did the University. The student's parties triggered the second outbreak of the pandemic, and we're back to where we were in March -- "unessential" businesses must remain closed, which means that restaurants, hotels, bars, guided tours, etc. won't operate for the moment.

As another lockdown seems to approach, it feels very discouraging, knowing that all the previous effort I told you about on the last post was in vane, but we are strong and I know we will make it together, all over the world!!

For the moment, travelling in/to Spain is forbidden, but you can always head to my Youtube channel and entertain yourself learning a bit more about Granada and its province! I'm also running an Instagram account with lots of regular posts and different content, don't hesitate to join our comunity! You will help me a lot if you suscribe to my channels, as I have 0 income for an undetermined amount of time, and I have found a different way to carry out my passion that I also love!!!

Stay safe my friends, and if you have any concerns, just send me an email at: guidemartasanchez@gmail.com

See you out there!



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