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Hi everyone!

Christmas season is around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s definitely my favorite time of the year. Even though the temperature gets VERY cold (often reaching 0ºC/32ºF), the charm of Granada reaches its peak when the Christmas lights are lit up!

We are going to have a huge Christmas ball to take pictures in!

However, this year will be a bit different. I really can’t enjoy Christmas holidays the way I would have liked -- showing people around Granada and helping them have fun the way we do in this time of the year. And that’s for no other reason than… I’m pregnant! For the third time!! My baby is due for the first days of January, so I’m currently in the last trimester of this pregnancy.

As you can imagine, walking uphill or getting in small, bustling bars is now a real challenge to me, so I have taken a maternity leave, as I recently announced on this Instagram post.

Due to the little -- and amazing!--  time that Bite Granada has been running for, the fact of accepting that I had to go on maternity leave again was a bit frustrating at the beginning. However, we are extremely happy to have our family complete with the addition of baby Adrian in a few weeks. I’ll be back to the touring scene in very little time!!

How can one even be mad at him? There's no way!

I will keep you posted about every interesting fact that concerns Bite Granada in the upcoming months, but to give you an idea, I expect to be back to work in April 2020, which is the time when the booking calendar will let you do the first reservations.

I hope I didn’t cause much trouble to all you who wanted to join me on tour during these months. When the date is approaching, I will think of some interesting offers to celebrate that Bite Granada will be running tours again. So… stay tuned!

Thanks for your attention, and have a great Christmas holiday!


Cheers and bites,


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