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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all feeling well.

I was supposed to keep talking about Bite Granada’s tours in detail, but the current situation forced me to change topics sad

Today is my 10th day of lockdown due to the common enemy that’s attacking the whole world: Coronavirus. Thankfully, me and my family are safe and healthy, but the situation in Spain is discouraging. The government has just extended the state of alert for 15 more days -- until April 11 --, given the rise of cases all across the country.

I’m optimistic and trying to look at it on the bright side, thinking that, when us human row together, there’s no current we can’t face! I’m proud of all the responsible people who are staying home for the sake of others, and I’m pretty sure this will end sooner than everyone believes, especially thanks to all those who are selflessly exposing themselves to contagion just to save the country: doctors, nurses, shop keepers, drivers…

Emulating the italians and thanks to social media, we have established a beautiful tradition: at 8 pm, in every corner of the country, people put their heads out of the window and applaud to all these professionals in order to thank them their labour, to cheer them up from our captivity, the only way we can…

If you want to follow up Spain’s and my personal situation during the quarantine, go follow Bite Granada on Instagram or Facebook, where I often post stories and updates.

Instagram post with the views from my terrace-- not as nice as the ones from San Nicolas viewpoint, I know!

Back to the bad news... and due to the uncertainty that surrounds the tourism industry for the next few months, I have to announce that Bite Granada is closing dates until May. It makes me very sad to have to postpone our re-opening, since I’m looking forwards to bringing out the new tours, going back to do my passion after the long --and unexpected-- pregnancy of baby Adrian… but I know this is for the best. We will get over this!!

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any doubts or concerns regarding this issue, your holidays in Spain, etc. on the email:, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Will see you around here in a few days to go back to the tours topic! We still have to talk about the newer cultural experiences wink

Stay safe, and see you soon!!




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