Late greetings to 2020!

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Long time no see!

Hope you’ve been doing good during the last remains of 2019 and the first days of 2020. Mine have been quite interesting, as you can imagine if you read my last blog entry.

On January 16th, I gave birth to my third -- and presumably last -- child, baby Adrian! Meet him below heart

As I thought, you really can't be mad at this little face. Not even

when he wakes you up for the fourth time in the night.


We are still getting used to the pace of having three kids in the house -- our oldest is 6 years old, the middle one is 17 months, and baby Adri is not even a month old yet. Sooo… it’s been busy in our place lately! However, we are so thankful that he and his sisters are strong and healthy, especially during these cold months where everybody is falling sick!

I can’t wait to go back to work. Baby Adri is very quiet and loves to sleep, so I’m having more time than I expected to read pending books and work on Bite Granada stuff, which makes me really want April to come and be able to start everything up.

I’ve been wanting to do Alhambra tours since I became a guide, so part of the hype has to do with that. I’m working hard on making a very special, different tour that helps you understand the reality of our citadel back in the medieval ages and how it -- and Granada itself -- has evolved throughout the years. I really encourage you to join this tour if you have the chance! I think it’s going to be worth it, especially now that the Alhambra has FINALLY changed the ticket selling system and now you buy them directly on their website, which makes it way easier and a more fair system than the previous one.

On my next blog entries, I’ll go through the six different tours that Bite Granada offers at this point, so that you have it easier if you are in Granada for a short visit and want to choose the perfect tour!

Will you come with me on a tour this year, so I can tell you everything about my beloved town, its culture, food, costumes and beautiful spots? I promise I will try not to bomb you with loads of baby Adri’s pictures! wink

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