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Hello there!

Marta Sánchez here, owner and guide of Bite Granada. Nice greeting you! 


If you are reading this, I bet you are somehow keen on discovering Granada in the most local way. Well, congratulations! Because that’s what you’ll get from us.

Let me introduce ourselves:

Bite Granada is a small, brand new company that aims to help visitors enjoy and feel Granada the way locals do.

I’m a local myself. I was born in the city center until my family moved to the outskirt, near a reservoir. You see, I’ve been blessed enough to enjoy both, the city lifestyle and the countryside of Granada.

I began working as a guide in 2015, taking big groups of american students across Spain, Portugal, France and other countries. As you can imagine, by visiting many places in just a few days, I’ve seen uncountable, amazing sights, enjoyed gorgeous sunsets, ate delicious food and met unforgettable people. But the more I traveled, the more I cherished what I had back home. When I flown back, I loved going for a walk across Granada with my husband, trying to look at it with the eyes of a tourist, just like I had done a few days before in other cities.

At that point, I realised that even though I LOVED my job, my true dream was showing the wonders of Granada to other people who wanted to squeeze the most out of their visit.

That was when the amazing food tour company, Devour Tours, hired me as their City manager and guide in Granada. I got the chance to show the bars where I constantly hang out with my friends, to Devour’s guests. Having learnt so much from such a great company, I got the inspiration to set up this new one, through which I mean to help you discover the true Granada during your stay.

My plan is to help you take the best bite of Granada, either in the literal sense by tasting the best, most typical products and tapas, or the figurative, getting to savour the essence of Granada after having walked -and felt - it with me! That is the reason why I we had our logo designed like this: if you notice, it includes a pomegranate, the symbol of Granada, to represent the food-based experiences we offer, and the eight-pointed arab star for the cultural side of Bite Granada, our tours that guide you through its roots, costumes and main sights.

Hopefully, this will be a long journey, so let me begin by saying a pre-thank you to all of you, amazing guests who will join me on this adventure of spreading the love for Granada!


Cheers and bites,


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