Introducing our tours: Part 1

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Hello everyone,

The beautiful weather is around the corner, and I’m excited!!

Granada’s peak season for tourism usually takes off in March-April, and that is for a reason. Gorgeous weather, blooming flowers, slightly longer days, tapas in a terrace under May’s beautiful night breeze… yeah, definitely Spring is my favorite season when in Granada!

Whether you are coming now or in a cold winter day, we've got you covered with a small but very representative variety of tours, with the purpose that you can take home the best experience (the best BITE in our language wink) after having visited Granada. Let’s look for your perfect tour!

On this blog post, we are going through the first three tours that we offer, two of which are food based experiences. So welcome on board, foodie friends!

  • Hidden Albaicin: Alright, let me tell you about the two faces of this experience, since there are different ways of enjoying it. Which one to take, is up to you!

    •  Hidden Albaicin + tapas: We will get to the heart of Granada’s most popular district, the old town of the Albaicin, where the first moors settled more than a thousand years ago. As we hike up the hill, we will visit the most amazing viewpoints, having the chance to take fantastic shots of Granada and the Alhambra. We will have a mid-tour treat to regain our energies -- the hill is challenging! -- and continue to explore the Albaicin, learning everything about all the civilisations that have lived there and helped shaping Granada’s unique character. The main difference with the other option comes now: on Hidden Albaicin + tapas, at this point, it will be time to head for some food. We will go back to the city center and have a couple of Spanish wines along with their tapas, demystifying this popular tradition and discovering the best tapas areas on our way. Hidden Albaicin + Tapas is a 3+ hour tour thought for those who want to have an insight about Granada’s history and its modern tapas culture at a time, learning where are the best bars in town! Don't forget that I'm a local, so the recommendations will be based on my own experience.

                                                                                                                                                                               An example of the tapas that you can sample on this tour

      • Hidden Albaicin + Sacromonte: The first half of this tour follows exactly the same itinerary, uncovering the most authentic Albaicin. However, on this option, we won’t have a time for coffee or tapas, but we will explore the Sacromonte instead. Which means that you will get to know the gypsy town where the best flamenco is performed, and one of the places where this beautiful artform rose up. We will also enjoy some unbeatable views of the Alhambra and river Darro’s valley. Hidden Albaicin + Sacromonte is a shorter -- and a cheaper -- option, ideal  for those who want to explore and learn as much as possible on a short tour, and leave tapas for later in their journey.

                                                                                                  La Vereda de enmedio, the wonderful path that connects Albaicin and Sacromonte

  • Granada's Foodie Jewels: On this wonderful tour of the city center, you will be in the the shoes of a granadino (a local) for a day. We will pass by remarkable sights like the Cathedral, the Corral del Carbón or the Madrasah, learning more about the history of the city. On our way, we will get in some very typical places that Granada neighbors visit all the time, to be delighted with the most popular and/or representative bites of the city. Get ready to try sweet, savory, spicy... everything, in the granadinos' style! Of course, there will be room for tapas and the local wines and beers. Granada's Foodie Jewels is the tour for those who consider that the food and the local customs are the best way to get to know a travel destination -- and also, the tour that I recommend to those who are staying in Granada for a short period of time, because it covers culture, history, tapas, genuine food, traditions... it really is a great way to discover Granada in just 3,5 hours.

                                                                                      One of the vendors we visit on Granada's Foodie Jewels tour

*All these tours can be adapted to vegetarian/pescatarian/gluten free/dairy free diet, just don't forget to mention it on the "comments" box of your reservation.

Aaaaand, let's call it a post!

On the next one I will comment on the three remaining tours, which happen to be the cultural bites that I'm so proud of.

Enjoy the last remains of winter, will see you here in a couple weeks!


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