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Come with us and visit this magnificent piece of the world's Muslim architecture that has safeguarded Granada for more than 700 years.

The Granadinos cherish their heritage more than anything, so what a better companion to discover the Alhambra's secrets than a born and bred? Our official local guide Marta Sánchez can guide you through the multiple palaces and different sections of the Alhambra, helping you understand how these buildings were conceived and all the stories (and legends!) behind these walls.

To book this tour, you need to follow a certain procedure:

    1. You need to purchase your Alhambra tickets. Get them on the following website:


        Or by calling this phone number:

        - +34 958 027 971

    2. Send us an email to We will set up the best schedule for your tour depending on the actual time you need to be at the Nasrid Palaces, according to your ticket. All our Alhambra tours are private experiences, so everything will be sorted out directly with you vial email, you cannot book this tour on our website.


Duration: 3,5 hours aprox

Price for adults: 40€

Price for kids (over 12): 20€

        **If your kids are younger than 12, do let us know that they are coming, however,
there won't be an additional charge.