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    Know the legacy of the Catholic Monarchs first hand by visiting these two gorgeous pieces of architecture and immerse yourself in the ages of Granada's Reconquest.

    The Cathedral of Granada has a crucial role in the history of art and architecture of our country. Did you know that this marvelous piece of the Rennaissance was conceived to be the tomb of all the Spanish kings and queens?

    This and many other interesting facts hide behind the walls of our Cathedral, its numerous chapels and pieces of art. We will guide you through it, making sure you learn and interprete all the items as they were conceived by their creators. Nothing in this massive building is there by chance!

    To complete the experience, we will also visit the Royal Chapel, the oldest part of the Cathedral. and the actual crypt of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand.

    If you want to better understand Granada's Christian roots and learn more about its glory times as one of the most important cities of Spain, don't hesitate and join this experience! The tickets to both monuments are included in the price, along with the guiding services of our local expert.


    Tour begins: Monday to Thursday at 10:00 am

    Meeting point: Plaza Bib Rambla, behind the fountain.

    Estimated duration: Around 2 hours

    Price for adults: 35€

    Price for kids (over 12**): 20€

            **If your kids are younger than 12, just mention them in the "observations" box, but don't add another traveler to the reservation, or the price for an older kid will be charged.